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Trial lawyers on Casey Anthony case

Undefeated New York City prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi (she’s never lost a case) and trial lawyer Peter Johnson Jr weighed in on the Casey Anthony verdict in the show’s final hour. Nicolazzi felt the prosecution did a very good job and that there was enough evidence there to warrant a conviction.

“This case was very complicated and didn’t have a lot of the things that people expect in trials like DNA. So a lot of this case was circumstantial which means that they had to put the pieces of the puzzle together. So the prosecution had to really lay this all out there which is a much more complicated process.”

Many listeners were angry with Sean because they felt that simple common sense would show that Casey Anthony was guilty. However, as Peter Johnson Jr confirmed, common sense and a conviction are two very different things.

“Sometimes common sense and the Constitution conflict. I know a lot of people are upset about this case. But we should be grateful for the Constitution that we live in a country were a jury of twelve piers can go in and make a decision. The problem in this case is that the prosecution didn’t get it across the goal line. The prosecution didn’t connect the dots,” Johnson Jr explained.