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Union dissatisfaction over ObamaCare

The White House is looking to quell union dissatisfaction over ObamaCare by proving them with special treatment.

According to a report from Fox News:

“Capitol Hill Republicans are trying to stop the Obama administration from offering labor unions a sweetheart deal on ObamaCare …

President Obama and White House officials reportedly have called union leaders to try and persuade them to tone down their complaints, pledging an accommodation. The AFL-CIO, though, on Wednesday approved a resolution anyway calling ObamaCare 'highly disruptive' to union plans.

But reports have surfaced on a plan that would give union workers -- and only union workers -- subsidies to help pay for health insurance even if they're covered through their job. The purported 'carve-out' could soothe the simmering discontent within Big Labor.”

So Congress and unions get special treatment while we – the American people – are left to bear the true consequences of ObamaCare.

Source: FoxNews