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USTA/Tennis Community

The following joint statement has been released by the USTA along with members of the tennis community who were in attendance. First I would like everybody to know that behind the scenes there have been many people who have dedicated a great amount of time and energy dealing with the issue of the "proposed changes for 2013/2014" to junior comp tennis.

I want to thank each and every one of them for their dedication and commitment to Jr. Tennis. I also want to applaud the many members of the USTA leadership, who have shown a willingness to listen to the many serious concerns that have been raised. This letter shows a lot of "good faith" IMHO.

With that said, there is a deadline approaching, time is of the essence. I am cautiously optimistic that the "pause button" will in fact be hit, and then the hard work can begin, that being putting a Jr. Competition schedule together that lives up to the USTA mission to "grow the sport" and one that provides tennis players at all levels the opportunity to compete and grow their game.

Updates to come:



“This past Monday and Tuesday, Steve Bellamy, Robert Sasseville and Kevin Kempin were able to spend several hours speaking with USTA leadership, (Dave Haggerty, Gordon Smith, Kurt Kamperman) about the Junior Comp changes. We are pleased to say that we had a very open and candid exchange of ideas.

We shared many, if not all, of our concerns about the proposed new competitive structure, and the USTA definitely listened. We also got a better understanding of their long term objectives for making these changes. Long story short, we requested that the USTA hit the “pause button” for the 2013-2014 junior comp changes before instituting these changes. This obviously comes with some procedural challenges for the USTA, however, they were open to the recommendation and said they will discuss it internally and give it full consideration.

In addition, the USTA acknowledged that moving forward they wanted to seek input from a broader group of constituents, i.e. parents, college coaches, tournament directors. To that end, the USTA will be getting back to us with some suggestions. All in all, we felt that our meetings with the USTA were very productive, and we believe that we should all hit the “pause button” for a short time to allow the USTA to come back to us with their plans for moving forward. Recognizing that time is of the essence, we anticipate hearing back from the USTA within the next two weeks.”