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Vacation Time!

It's summer vacation time for the Obamas. Our President is jetting off to Martha's Vineyard for the next eight days. The same man who rails against the 1% and has shutdown the White House for tours for average Americans is about to embark on a luxury vacation, staying at a $7.6 million estate.

But before he leaves the American people to struggle under his economy, Obama wanted to make sure he got in the final word. He's holding his first solo news conference today since April 30th, only his third of the year. Let's pause for a moment to consider everything that Obama is leaving behind as he jets off to the elite playground for the rich and famous.

Our foreign policy is in shambles. Just this week we've seen Obama play diplomatic footsy with Putin over Edward Snowden and cancel an upcoming meeting on the progress of our “reset.” Egypt – once a key ally in the region – is on the verge of collapse, much thanks to Obama's handling of their revolution and the subsequent coup.

The threat of terrorism persists as U.S. embassies remain closed due to threats from al Qaeda, which we were told was “on the run.” We've killed a dozen terrorist in Yemen over the last few days. U.S. personnel have been evacuated from our embassy in Yemen and now our consulate in Lahore, Pakistan. A credible terror threat exists and yet Obama chose to go on Jay Leno and then vacation. Based on his actions, I suppose we aren't supposed to take it all that seriously?

The looming ObamaCare nightmare is barreling down the beaten path towards implementation. Polls consistently show that ObamaCare is despised by virtually every voting group in America. A new poll from Fox News shows that a majority of Americans believe the implementation of ObamaCare to be “a joke.” Businesses and governments are firing workers or reducing worker hours, resulting in what is becoming a “part-time nation.” The consequences of that alone are staggering. Not to mention the increase in costs associated with ObamaCare, which has Americans and employers petrified. We are worried about the quality of our healthcare, our freedom, our money, our economy, our employment, our taxes and the security of our private information that we will be forced to hand over to the government in the name of ObamaCare. And adding insult to injury, Obama personally negotiated waivers for Congress, which will no longer be subject to the same rules under ObamaCare. If ObamaCare was so great, why doesn't Congress want to play by the same rules? The answer is because ObamaCare is not great – it will reduce the quality of care and it will increase costs. What ObamaCare is really about is power. Government wants 1/6th of the economy under its control. It wants control over more information, businesses, money, and individuals' choices. ObamaCare represents one of the greatest shifts in power TO the government that we may see in our lifetimes. Anyone who is concerned for the future of our nation should be concerned about ObamaCare. Too bad some Republicans in Congress aren't willing to fight to defund it.

Obama is vacationing on the cusp of a potential government shutdown. Those Republicans who ARE willing to put up a fight are striving to fund the rest of the government, but leaving out the funding for ObamaCare. Will Obama and the Democrats be willing to shut down the government in order to get funding for this law that nobody likes? Maybe Obama can mull that one over on the golf course.

Obama is leaving us amidst a flurry of scandals. Where should we start?

Let's start with the “phony” scandal of Benghazi. This administration explicitly labeled Benghazi as a “phony” scandal and Obama has continued to make this reference in his speeches. The only problem for him is that nobody is buying it: “A Fox News national poll released Thursday finds that 78 percent of voters think the questions over the administration’s handling of the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi should be taken seriously. Just 17 percent call it a phony scandal.” If the scandal was “phony,” how does the administration then explain that it filed charges in the case just this week? But the charges being filed also comes into question when the American public realized that media outlets like Fox News and CNN were able to get in touch with the accused perpetrators but apparently the FBI hadn't bothered to do the same. So much for that “top priority” and “justice” that Obama and Hillary Clinton promised almost a year ago. We also learned recently that there were many more people on the ground in Benghazi whom we have yet to hear from. Why? Because they've essentially been threatened into silence. Why? You tell me. These were CIA operatives, and the theory goes that the administration was running an off-the-record gun-running program into Syria, based out of Benghazi. I'm sure Congress would love to hear more about that, considering they didn't authorize such actions. Just yesterday, Darrell Issa sent a letter to the State Department to get more information about the infamous talking points used to blame all of these on a YouTube video. It makes your blood boil to go back and hear Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Susan Rice and others in this administration boldly lie to the American people about what really transpired on September 11, 2012. We've yet to unearth exactly what did transpire, but we know it wasn't because of a YouTube video and four Americans are dead because of it.

Now it's time for some alphabet soup: The IRS, FEC, DEA, NSA – All of these have managed to collide into a disturbing pattern of big government and abuse of power. First of all, it came out this week that the IRS is STILL targeting Tea Party groups with extra scrutiny, which is just absurd. We also now know that the IRS was apparently in communication with the FEC over tax exempt groups, based on an email exchange involving the infamous Lois “I plead the Fifth” Lerner. The IRS also got swept up into the controversy over the NSA when it was discovered that information from the NSA and other programs was being funneled to the DEA to start criminal investigations within the United States, and the instructions on how to hide how that information came to be was included in an IRS manual! Hard to follow that one, wasn't it? The point is that these government agencies are using their power to collect vast amounts of information on Americans, to target Americans and to prosecute American criminals and yet they've lied about all of it.

And that leaves us with the economy. Many have labeled Obama's trip to Martha's Vineyard as “tone deaf,” considering the state of the economy. Let's face it, our economy is struggling despite the belabored spin from the administration. An economic growth rate of 1.4% in the first half of this year is abysmal. The unemployment rate of 7.4% doesn't accurately reflect the plight of millions of Americans: The real unemployment rate is 14%, most of the jobs being created are part-time, the labor force participation remains at a record low, millions of Americans have simply given up looking for work and there are still fewer Americans working today than when Obama took office despite a growing population. We spent billions on a “stimulus” that did nothing to kickstart our economy and put us further on a path to unsustainable debt.

Barack Obama can go and enjoy his vacation, but clearly he's left America worse for ware and I don't see it getting better any time soon.