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Violence Erupts Again as Christians Protest in Egypt

Christian protesters who were calling for government protection in Egypt were attacked over the weekend.

The attacks came just a day after Egypt's military government had vowed to tighten security amid growing fears among the country's small Christian population. Just a week earlier, two churches were burned and at least four Christians were killed in sectarian clashes between Coptic Christians and Muslims.

The latest violence erupted late Saturday as hundreds of Christians were demonstrating in Cairo, demanding protection following the previous week's clashes.
Gasoline bombs and rocks were hurled at the protesters. The opposing mob also fired shots and burned cars.

No deaths were reported though some were injured. Muslims were also wounded in the clashes as some Christians were armed.

According to The Los Angeles Times, riot police did not respond immediately to the violence and instead stood by. It was about an hour later when they brought soldiers with them to contain the violence.

It's been three months now since Mubarak resigned in response to the anti-government protests that other North African and Middle Eastern countries were seeing as well. Though there was little protection under the Mubarak regime, the Coptic Christian community is fearful of increasing persecution, especially with Islamic militants and more conservative Muslims looking to shape the new government.

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