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Washington Wrap-Up

It's been quite a week in Washington as lawmakers returned to the Hill with a variety of issues to tackle. Let's see where we stand as we head into the weekend.

Gun Control

Yesterday the Senate moved on a Motion to Proceed on the debate to brazenly limit your Second Amendment rights. The lapdog ObamaMania media has done its job on pushing the issue, using White House talking points in its coverage and giving people like Crazy Uncle Joe hours of air time on the issue. Did you hear what Crazy Uncle Joe had to say yesterday about us law-abiding gun owners? We own guns because we “like the way it feels. You know, it's like driving a Ferrari.” That's news to me! But that's how these leftist elitists view us “bitter-clingers” in this nation who are exercising our Second Amendment rights. In the end, the legislation being debated is nothing but feel-good legislation; It wouldn't stop the horrible tragedies we've experienced in recent years, but would limit law-abiding citizens of their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


The Gang of Eight Senators who are working to draft immigration legislation seemed to have finished their negotiations and are poised to unveil details of their plan early next week. While we are still awaiting the details, conservatives are hoping that the bill focuses on border security first, so that we don't continue to have second and third waves of this debate in the future. But the legislation is expected to be long and complex, and unfortunately Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy does not want to hold multiple hearings on the issue. I disagree with this. I think that they ought to have proper hearings on the issue and allow the American people to fully understand what it is they are proposing. It's important that we get this right. But just to show you how little people understand on the issue, I'll point you to this latest video from the Media Research Center of a school in DC protesting Marco Rubio on immigration reform.

North Korea

Yesterday we heard the bombshell report that North Korea does, in fact, have nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles. That news came out of a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee from a classified Defense Intelligence Agency report. That's pretty chilling news. But Secretary of State John Kerry went on to contradict that report, in what seems to be a repeated effort to downplay the situation in North Korea. Finally, after weeks of provocation, Barack Obama spoke out on the issue yesterday stating that North Korea must end its “belligerent approach that they've been taking and to try to lower temperatures.” I still maintain that much of the world, including North Korea, doesn't take Obama seriously.

The Budget

This week we finally received Barack Obama's irresponsible budget. I call it irresponsible because it spends and taxes at unprecedented levels that are simply unsustainable for our nation. For example, the Wall Street Journal points out that our national debt under Obama's plan would hit 78.2% of the economy by 2014. To put that into perspective, in 2008 our national debt was 40.5% of the economy. Adding insult to injury, Obama's own budget director Jeff Zients doesn't even know how much debt would be added under the President's plan. Zients' response, I kid you not, was: "There are a lot of numbers there..." Unbelievable. Don't you wish you could use that as your excuse for your household budget, or your business?