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Watts for RNC Chair?

The rumor mill has been cranking away at full tilt, circulating the idea that former GOP Rep. J.C. Watts might run for chairman of the Republican National Committee. Watts has not formally entered the race and hasn't been critical of the current RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, who recently announced he would stay on for a second term.

Watts joined Sean on the NewsMaker Hotline to discuss these rumors. Watts told Sean that while he's made no decision about running, he would not be running against the incumbent chairman, but against the “status” of the current Republican Party as it stands now. Watts explained that he thinks the Republicans of today have lost their way and seem to be headed down a path of values that don't necessarily adhere to what the party has always stood for. The former congressman told Sean that he was approached by a friend who laid out all the reasons why he would be a good fit for the job.

Watts said if he decided to run, he would lead the party the way one of its strongest leaders, Ronald Reagan, intended. Watts went into detail about how he'd focus on a pro-life, pro-choice, strong family message - with a focus on activities and outlets for kids that will embolden the future of the Republican Party. Watts also explained that he would make the connection to the Latino and minority communities and church and outreach efforts would be stronger and bolder under his authority. Watts wants smaller government and less entitlements and he wants to return the power to small business owners who will then be able to prosper and be successful in the country, as it was intended.

Yet Watts stopped short of actually announcing he was running, but instead explained it was something he was mulling over. What do you think? Should Watts run for RNC Chair? Tweet Sean @SeanHannity with your opinion.