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Welfare Cash Being Spent in Disney World and Hawaii

It's hard to believe that people who are so desperate that they are collecting welfare would have the funds to take a vacation. But are your tax dollars being spent by welfare recipients at Disney World and in Hawaii?

The Department of Health and Human Services in Maine analyzed the data of welfare users in its state and found that millions have been spent in other states including New Hampshire, New York, Florida, California and Hawaii. Transactions were also made in Puerto Rico and Las Vegas.

Among some of the more specific examples were EBT cards from Maine being used to access $500 in welfare cash from an ATM in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, which is Walt Disney World Resorts.

Other transactions took place in Cape Canaveral and in various beaches along the Florida coast.

In other words, your tax dollars are not being used to help feed poor families who have fallen on hard times but to fund beach trips and Disney World vacations for welfare recipients. I'm sure many of you hard-working taxpayers would like other taxpayers to fund your next vacation!

Source: Townhall