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WH: No Plans for Pain at the Pump

We already know Obama’s energy secretary has bizarre views. Energy Secretary Chu has once said paint all the rooftops on houses “an energy-reflecting white.” Well at least that was sort of a plan. But here we are again, gas prices are skyrocketing, nearing up to $5 in places with a countrywide average of over $3/gallon and Chu has NO plans!

President Obama has said “make sure your tires are inflated. Do simple things to save energy.” Really Mr. President…the future of energy independence lies solely upon the responsibility of citizens inflating their tires? Where’s your responsibility? Sean says why are we begging the Saudi’s for more oil and rejecting opportunities like the keystone pipeline? “Is there anything else you need to know to make up your mind in November?” Sean concludes.

The dramatic increase in fuel prices over the past several weeks have put a big dent in household budgets across the country. And what plan does Team Obama have planned to help ease the cost of gasoline? Nothing, zero. That's right, according to White House press secretary Jay Carney the White House "does not have any magic solutions to the rising oil prices." Many conservatives, including Sean, have attacked the "Anointed One" for his misguided decision to block the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada.

"Under President Obama, gasoline prices have doubled," Sean exclaimed. "It's madness! The Energy Department isn't working to lower gas prices. I've inflated my tires and had a tune up just like you suggested Mr. President," Sean said mockingly.