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What a waste...literally

The absurd ways our federal government finds to spend your tax dollars becomes even more infuriating when we consider Washington's inability to cut spending. As Nancy Pelosi says, “The cupboard is bare.”

If that's the case, then how do you explain the fact that the federal government managed to find nearly $100,000 to purchase an outhouse? Yes – an outhouse!

According to CNSNews:

“The Federal Bureau of Land Management recently paid $98,670 for the purchase and installation of an outhouse at the Swede Park Trail Head in Alaska …

The Oregon based company Romtec lists the "Aspen Single" model on its website for “as low as $9,999”, but the BLM says the price they paid likely includes shipping to Alaska.”

Oh and by the way, that $98,670 doesn't include pumping out or maintenance of the facility.

The insanity never ends when your tax dollars are at their disposal.

Source: CNSNews