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What Republicans Should Really Fear

Fear of being blamed for a government shutdown seems to be the driving force behind the GOP agenda lately. What Republicans should really fear is not a government shutdown. What they need to fear is far bigger.

Everyone, including Republicans, should fear a government that lives beyond its means. For too long we have allowed spending in Washington to snowball. We are now staring at $17 trillion in debt, and that number is only going to grow. We may very well hit $20 trillion in debt before Barack Obama finishes his second term, and that doesn't even touch the $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities that we must eventually do something about.

According to CNS News, “The new debt run up by the federal government since House Speaker John Boehner cut his first spending deal with President Barack Obama has now topped $3 trillion—exceeding all the debt accumulated under all American presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan.” How's that for Republican leadership?

There is currently no plan in place to start paying down that debt at a substantial rate. At some point, that will become a problem. It won't necessarily be a problem for someone like me, but it likely will be a problem facing my kids and grandkids. We should fear what the future will look like when we hand the reins over to our kids, saddling them with more debt and less freedom. What it will look like when we can’t make good on the promises that government is making to people who are now dependent on those promises?

That is what everyone, Republicans and Democrats alike, should fear: a future that is less prosperous for our children because we are currently stealing from their futures. That's exactly what we are doing, stealing.

To me, this is a moral question. We need modern day Paul Revere to ride throughout the country and say, “Bankruptcy is coming!” Or “We’re stealing from our kids!” Is there anyone currently in Washington who is going to take a tough political stand to fix it?

Republicans in Washington are hired to lead on conservative principles. What we are currently seeing when it comes to these budget deals and government spending is not leadership. We are not on a path towards a better country with a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility.

But fear is paralyzing the Republicans, making it impossible for them to even advocate for things that will work. Republicans need to stop playing defense. They need to be on offense, offering bold-colored solutions for our country. They can only kick the can down the road for so long. I know that they currently control only one branch of Congress, but retreating on principles that makes them stand out only makes matters worse, not better. They need to do a better job of articulating their ideas and they can't be afraid of the Left. Republicans worry about being labeled as “hating the poor” when they make suggestions on entitlement reform. Here's an idea: how about labeling Democrats “thieves.” After all, I've already explained how we are literally stealing from our children and grandchildren to pay for today's liberal promises.

We’ve seen this movie before (Greece). We know how this story ends, yet everyone in Washington, including Republicans, continue to lead us down that path nonetheless.

What the GOP is missing is an agenda to save America's future. Imagine being the party that offered and implemented the solutions which balanced our budget, created jobs, lessened government dependency, fostered economic growth and preserved our freedoms. I’m going to try and help conservatives with this in January – The Conservative Solutions Caucus.