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What’s Going On With The Economy?

Sean was joined by Larry Kudlow and Juan Williams to discuss the fate of the economy.

“The most troublesome part about our situation,” explained Kudlow, “We’re seeing the destruction of the American dollar, it’s fallen over 40 percent over the last ten or eleven years, and I’m not sure when this will end.”

Williams agreed with Kudlow’s message saying, “I think the larger problem certainly is the dollar and people are saying the Feds are just not being effective in what they’re trying to do to stimulate the economy and that’s why the Standards and Poors people are saying they’ve lost confidence in the White House and the Republicans in Congress. “That’s not why,” Hannity quickly interrupted, “The S&P report said structurally that the United States can control the deficit.”

That’s the real situation. Standard and Poors refused to stake their reputation on the shaky ground that is the American economy and made the honest assessment that this country is in trouble. Now’s not the time to ask how much more we can borrow but rather how much more spending we can cut.