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Willfully Ignorant

The arrogance of this White House truly knows no bounds. Amid the unraveling of ObamaCare, White House press secretary Jay Carney actually had the audacity to call critics “willfully ignorant.”

Willfully ignorant! What does that imply? That is implies that people who are critical of the law are deliberately uneducated or lacking awareness in their critique. Quite the opposite! I would say that those of us who have chronicled the pitfalls of ObamaCare are perhaps even MORE aware of what the law says and how it is effecting businesses, individuals and our economy in the real world. It is the Obama administration, and some Democrats, who continue to live in the false-reality created by Nancy Pelosi: “We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it.” What's clear is that ObamaCare was so large and so incomprehensible that it wasn't just the public who would find out what's in it … apparently the politicians who passed it were equally as unaware of its contents! How else can you now explain the back peddling from Democrats like Tom Harkin, Jay Rockefeller, John Barrow, Max Baucus, and Dick Durbin? The fact is that the law is panning out exactly as it was written: It was designed to fail.

The only ignorant people are those who actually thought it was possible for this big-government plan to be implemented on time and result in greater coverage and less costs. THAT to me is the “willfully ignorant” crowd, and it is a rapidly shrinking bunch.

Will Obama claim “willful ignorance” of the law when attempting to justify how he can unilaterally decide not to enforce certain parts of ObamaCare? As Michael McConnell wrote in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week: “Like King James II, the president decides not to enforce laws he doesn't like. That's an abuse of power.” He's absolutely right. A crucial component in the foundation of our nation is to prevent presidents (or Kings) from doing just this. Yet questioning his authority makes us the ignorant ones? Nice try, Jay Carney.

While we are on the subject of ObamaCare, I want to point you to a few related stories.

- Wegmans in a grocery store based in New York. For years it has been praised for offering health benefits for part-time workers. That will no longer be the case, thanks to ObamaCare. But lawyers and the media are trying to spin this as a good thing, because part-time workers can go into government exchanges! Make no mistake: The ultimate goal of ObamaCare is to get more people dependent on government.

- Obama's former speechwriter Jon Favreau says that “Republicans are terrified that ObamaCare could actually work.” I suppose that would be the case if we lived in a magical land where big government was efficient and it was possible to get more of something for less money. Maybe that's the bubble liberals live in, but in the real world that is not how it works.

- By 2015, the Obama administration will have spent $1 billion of your tax dollars advertising ObamaCare on everything from porta-potties and coffee cups to airplanes.

- The Obama administration is so desperate to sell ObamaCare that they have hired a lobbyist for drugmakers and hospitals.

- The Congressional Black Caucus is on the ObamaCare bandwagon and will be touring the country this summer to sell the legislation.

- The Heritage Foundation has a list of not one but 12 different ObamaCare implementation failures.