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Wisconsin Recall Election

Earlier this week, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz stated that the Wisconsin recall election, which will take place on Tuesday, would be a “dry run” for the national grassroots campaign for the presidential election in November. Although Wasserman Schultz believes that this election is a must-win for Democrats in Wisconsin, things are not looking so good for Tom Barrett, the Democratic nominee challenging Scott Walker for governor.

In perhaps what may be the one and only time Sean has ever agreed with Wasserman Schultz, this is a dry run for Democrats because if they can’t buy this election with all of the outside money flooding into the state from the unions and radical left-wing groups, then they will have no shot at keeping the White House in November. It seems as if this money will not be enough for Democrats to buy the election, as the latest poll out of Wisconsin has Scott Walker leading his opponent by seven points.

While liberals may have a hard time understanding that elections cannot always be bought, it makes perfect sense that voters in Wisconsin would side with Scott Walker. When Walker took office, the state was facing a deficit of $3.6 billion, one of the biggest in the state’s history. With Walker’s conservative reforms, the state has been able to balance their budget without increasing taxes, cutting from Medicare and without massive layoffs, instead putting into place long-term structural changes that have also worked to balance local budgets in the state as well.

Additionally, under Walker’s leadership, over 23,000 jobs were added in 2011. Although Barrett has claimed that Walker distorted the numbers to help his campaign, the numbers have since been verified by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. With job creation being the central issue of the recall election, it is no surprise that Walker is leading in the polls.

Not only does this look good for Walker in Wisconsin, but Sean argues that if the Republicans win this key election in Wisconsin, it suggests that they will also win the presidential election in November.

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