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Your stimulus money at work

Barack Obama got his $787 billion stimulus program that was supposed to turn the tide of our economy and kick-start our recovery. We know how that turned out, and perhaps this story will help explain why.

A recent audit was conducted of six Long Island Railroad and Metro-North Railroad projects funded by $175 million in federal stimulus grants.

The audit found that stimulus money was used to pay people NOT to work. Seriously! The audit found that workers racked up massive overtime costs, being paid but not showing up to work, as well as being paid to get dressed, wash up and travel to work.

You can thank unions for that.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Under Metro-North's collective bargaining agreements, one audit reports, conductors receive 2 hours and 40 minutes of overtime each day for these non-work related tasks.”

Other abuses include workers repeatedly claiming as much as 18 to 24 hours of overtime hours in a single day!

Government is incapable of efficiently or effectively spending our tax dollars.

Source: Wall Street Journal