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Your Tax Money Hard At Work...

The IRS has deservedly received a lot of flak for spending $60,000 of your hard-earned tax dollars to produce parody videos, like the newly exposed “Star Trek” parody video.

Glad to see that the people who are responsible for collecting your hard-earned tax dollars are so frugal with how those tax dollars are used. While the IRS has since apologized for not being “good stewards of government resources and taxpayer dollars,” it claims that videos like this “would not be made today.”

Be that as it may, the parody produced for a 2010 conference was unearthed on the same day that the FAA announced the closure of 149 towers due to sequestration. Speaking of the FAA, how dumb is it to furlough air traffic controllers while the same agency is looking to hire “community planners” to be paid in excess of $100,000? It makes no sense. What is it going to take for common sense to prevail within every level of our government?

It goes all the way to the top … We've learned that Vice President Joe Biden has been flying home to Delaware nearly every weekend, costing the taxpayers about $13,200 per trip. That price tag doesn't include the cost the taxpayers incur for his travel to and from the airports or his housing in Washington DC, which apparently remains empty on the weekends while the Vice President jets home at your expense. Whether the trips will stop or be limited due to sequestration remains to be seen. Let's not forget that this is the same man who racked up a $585,000 hotel bill for one night in Paris, paid for by you, the taxpayers.