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Zimmerman Trial Wrapping Up

After almost two weeks, the trial of George Zimmerman is winding down and the defense is expected to rest its argument very soon, perhaps as soon as today. Closing arguments could take place as soon as Friday.

Today Judge Debra Nelson ruled against allowing the defense to present two pieces of evidence: A computer animation depiction of Zimmerman and Martin's confrontation, as well as text messages sent from Martin's phone related to fighting. However Judge Nelson did reverse a previous decision, allowing for the defense to present lab results showing that traces of marijuana were present in Martin's system at the time he was killed.

The chances of Zimmerman appearing on the stand are unlikely, though the jury has heard interviews (such as mine) where Zimmerman has told his side of the story.

Yesterday the jury heard from a very credible witness by the name of Vincent DiMaio. He is a renowned expert on gunshot wounds. Based on his expertise, he testified that the bullet passed through Trayvon Martin's closing, which hung 2-4 inches from his skin. Why is that important? Because if you are leaning over someone, then your clothes will hang away from your body versus if you are on your back and your clothes would be directly on your skin. This corroborates with other testimony, which has placed Trayvon Martin on top of Zimmerman, pinning him down to the sidewalk and executing ground-and-pound, MMA-style punches.

Once the one eye witness, John Goode, was able to explain that Trayvon Martin was on top and using this ground-and-pound, MMA-style technique on Zimmerman, I believe this trial was essentially over.

I've received some flak from the predictable players who were upset that I brought up the fact that the Broward County Sheriff’s office is preparing a Zimmerman verdict riot plan. There apparently is reason for the police to believe that this is a necessary precautionary step. I think it is sad that this is the case. I would truly hope that violence wouldn't be the natural reaction to the outcome of any case, including this one. But the fact is that sheriffs in several Florida counties have reason to believe that they need to be ready when the verdict is reached. I can't blame them for preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best.