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Zimmerman Witch-hunt

We are now at the point, just three days removed from the verdict, where the mob demand for justice for Trayvon Martin has become a witch-hunt against George Zimmerman.

I want to re-iterate that what happened to Trayvon Martin was indeed a tragedy. It is horrible that a 17 year old has lost his life. But in the court of law, the man who killed Trayvon Martin was found innocent of second-degree murder and manslaughter, based on the evidence presented. We must respect the jury's decision.

We must also understand this – The jury's decision to acquit George Zimmerman had nothing to do with race. You know that, right? We've had a juror come forward and say that the issue of race was not discussed in their deliberations. The Martin family has said that this case was not about race, as has the prosecution. Yet here we are, a nation in a frenzy over the role that race supposedly played in this case.

How did we get to that point? We got here because of three main reasons: The media's desire to create a false narrative, the administration egging on the initial protests and subsequent demands for justice, and leaders of the black communities continuing to use this case as a platform to demand justice.

I will recognize that African Americans absolutely continue to suffer injustice in this country, but I cannot for the life of me understand how the Zimmerman-Martin incident is truly representative of said injustice. Where is the justice for the African Americans who are arrested for marijuana possession at a national rate four times greater than whites? Where is the justice for the four children who were murdered in Chicago during the 20-day period of the Zimmerman trial? Do we know their names? Who is rallying to defend their innocent lives that were taken too soon?

Yet here we are with a full-on witch hunt to make George Zimmerman into something he's not: A racist.

The Department of Justice is considering civil rights charges against Zimmerman. They have now taken things a step further. According to the Orlando Sentinel, “The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday afternoon appealed to civil rights groups and community leaders, nationally and in Sanford, for help investigating whether a federal criminal case might be brought against George Zimmerman for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, one advocate said. The DOJ has also set up a public email address to take in tips on its civil rights investigation.”

Did you catch that last part? The Department of Justice has set up an email account where anybody can email tips, trying to pinpoint George Zimmerman as a racist. Can you believe this? We now have a full-on witch hunt against George Zimmerman on the part of our federal Department of Justice. Never mind certain facts like the FBI report concluding that there was zero evidence to prove that Zimmerman demonstrated racial bias. Never mind the facts of George Zimmerman's past, like the fact that he brought an African American woman to his prom, mentored African American children and stood up to Sanford police in defense of a African American homeless man who was beaten. I'm no expert, but that doesn't exactly fit the bill of someone who is racist or in violation of someone's civil rights.

When asked about this DOJ witch-hunt, George Zimmerman's brother Robert responded: “Political persecution has reached a dimension unforeseen by many. It is inconceivable that high-ranking officials would endorse this kind of behavior. It is profoundly disserving that they facilitate it.” He's absolutely right. It's inconceivable, unless you look at Eric Holder's history as Attorney General and start to put together the pieces of what is shaping up to be a biased Justice Department that is actively engaged in community agitation. Then Jesse Jackson had to take things to the level of absurdity, calling for the U.N. Human Rights Council to investigate the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Give me a break.

The reaction from those in some sort of position of power – government officials, civil rights leaders, celebrities, the media – has, in my opinion, been irresponsible. In the last few days, we've gone from the ridiculous to the absurd. We have Ivy League professors on TV stating that we must have “a white racist God” because of the verdict. Another person in the media compared the acquittal of George Zimmerman to the lynching mobs she’s seen in pictures from the 1920s. The NAACP comparing Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till. Some Olympian says he won't represent America at the next games in London because of the verdict. Stevie Wonder won't perform in Florida until the Stand Your Ground law is overturned. I mean, this is absurd! How much responsibility lies with these folks for the violence and lawlessness we've seen on the streets around America in response to the verdict? Breitbart has a list of 27 incidents around the country of violence, vandalism, and targeting innocent people in the name of justice for Trayvon.

And another question: Where is the president on all this? Barack Obama has the opportunity to really show himself to be the leader of this nation as a whole. Black or White, rich or poor, gay or straight, whatever, where is Barack Obama in speaking up in defense of our justice system and speaking out against those who would prefer a lynch mob? I am truly disappointed in this president, because this is a crucial moment for our country, for civil rights, for the rule of law and he is blowing it.

One final point I want to make is this. Many of the protestors who are upset right now including Eric Holder, the NAACP, Stevie Wonder, the New York Times, Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus are all upset about Florida's Stand Your Ground law. There are calls for these laws to be repealed because that they are inherently racist (even though blacks in Florida benefit from Florida's Stand Your Ground law at a disproportionate rate). In fact, the Congressional Black Caucus is drafting proposals to rein in racial profiling and scrap state Stand Your Ground laws. There's only one, tiny, minor little problem: Stand Your Ground wasn't even used by the defense in the case of George Zimmerman! These people are all up-in-arms and protesting over a law that wasn't even used to ultimately find George Zimmerman not guilty. That really speaks to the ignorance of the protests and leaves us wondering if this is really about Stand Your Ground or is it about something bigger. Michelle Malkin has an excellent column today on this issue: Eric Holder's Stand Your Ground Squirrel. The media and the protestors are using a terribly shallow case – Zimmerman acted on racial animus – to protest something that didn't even come into play – He's not guilty because of Stand Your Ground laws.