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IRS Scandal Explodes

Not long ago, President Obama said that there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” related to the IRS targeting of tea party conservatives. But new evidence has come to light and he couldn't be more wrong.

Equal pay day

Today is Equal Pay Day in America, which is said to increase awareness of the wage gap between men and women. The White House is using this date as a way to advance its campaign on income inequality and the war on women. But on this issue, the White House is steeped in hypocrisy.

Paying for ObamaCare

Remember that promise that ObamaCare will bring down your family's healthcare premium costs by $2,500? That was yet another broken promise.

White House wage gap

Barack Obama is going to continue his unilateral campaign to legislate change through executive orders. While he thinks he is doing America a favor by skirting around the perceived logjam in Congress, he is making a mockery of our rule of law and establishing a dangerous precedent of an imperial presidency.

The Ryan Budget

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan has revealed the House Budget Committee's budget proposal for 2015. It is certainly a step in the right direction.

ObamaCare's failed promises

The Obama administration has two problems. The first problem is that a vast majority of Americans are unfamiliar with the details of ObamaCare. The second problem is that the people who are familiar with ObamaCare still don't like it.

America's Energy Solution

There's no doubt that American foreign policy over the last few years has projected weakness.

Obama's stimulus 2.0

While his weakness on the world stage is on display, this week Barack Obama unveiled his latest domestic budget proposal.

War on jobs?

Democrats seem to be fond of political wars. Their creation of the conservative war on women is a prime example. In that case, should we question whether or not liberals are waging a war on jobs?

Stimulus 5 year anniversary

This week marks the five year anniversary of Barack Obama's stimulus bill. We spent $830 billion and what do we have to show for it?

Robbing from our kids

Republicans in Congress have caved on the debt ceiling. They passed a clean bill yesterday to extend the debt limit until March 2015. Their unwillingness to fight on issues such as this reinforces the shared frustration amongst conservatives who are tired of politicians going to Washington and giving up on our principles.