A prominent African American politician is blasting president Obama for his lack of support for the black community.

“I want to give Doug Wilder some credit,” Sean said on Tuesday’s radio program. “He admits what’s obvious: That America is worse off under Barack Obama.”

In his new autobiography, Son of Virginia: A Life In America's Political Arena, former Governor Wilder “expressed deep disappointment with America's first black president, calling him 'aloof' and 'tone deaf' to blacks' needs, leaving African-Americans to ask, ‘When is our time coming?’” according to The Washington Examiner.

The Examiner reports that Wilder writes:

[Wilder] recalled a 2012 meeting at Washington's historically black Howard University where blacks discussed the lack of programs aimed at them. ‘Nowhere was the promise of his election more deeply felt than in our community. Yet in the fourth year of the president's term, they were left wondering, 'How long?'

“It’s not a lack of programs I can tell you that governor,” Sean mused, adding that “it’s a lack of a recovering economy. It’s the tens of millions of more Americans on welfare, food stamps, in poverty, and out of the labor force.”

In addition to serving as Governor of Virginia, Douglas Wilder served as Mayor of Richmond, and five terms as a member of the Virginia State Senate, the first African American member of that body since reconstruction.

Listen to Sean's take on Governor Wilder's comments: