Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is standing firm against the budget deal that made it through the House on Wednesday. The two-year deal won the approval of 79 Republicans and 187 Democrats and will now make its way to the Senate.

According to Paul, the budget deal will hand President Obama a virtual blank check when it comes to spending.

"Do you know that they’re going to raise the debt ceiling by an unspecified amount?" Paul said on Wednesday night's Hannity. "They're giving the power to President Obama, in his final year, to spend whatever he wants to spend. No limits. There will be no limits on the debt ceiling when this passes. This is horrendous."

Senator Paul is considering a filibuster to stop the deal from coming to the Senate floor for a vote.

"Why have Republicans allowed this to happen?" Sean asked the Kentucky Senator. "Since [John Boehner] has been Speaker, the debt has gone up 4.1 trillion dollars. That doesn't sound like a party of limited government to me."

"It bothers me also," Paul responded. "Paul Ryan is going to vote for this increase in the debt, which is an unlimited increase in the debt."

Paul claims that the spending is the result of an "unholy alliance" between the right and the left in Washington. "The right gets what they want, increased military spending, and the left gets what they want, increased domestic spending, and there’s sort of a secret handshake, and all the spending goes up but they’re bankrupting the country."

Watch the full interview with Senator Rand Paul from Wednesday’s Hannity: