Alternate Headline: America Is Still A Conservative Nation

Liberals aren’t going to like the news from the latest Gallup poll. According to a survey of 1,025 adults, six in 10 Americans believe that the federal government has too much power. In contrast, less than one in 10 believe the government has too little power. 

According to Gallup, this marks the third consecutive year in which Americans held this view, meaning the deepening distrust of big government correlates roughly to the start of president Obama’s second term. The reason for the trend could be a growing dissatisfaction with the high-price/low-benefit policies of president Obama’s first term.

Despite the numbers, liberals continue to defend President Obama’s big-government agenda.

“Obama got everything he wanted: he got a stimulus, son of stimulus, grandson of stimulus,” Sean said to liberal commentator Sally Kohn and CNS News Editor in Chief Terry Jeffrey on Friday’s Sean Hannity Radio Show. Sean continued, noting that Obama has “had more spending, he made promises on Obamacare that were just outright lies. We have tens of millions more Americans out of the labor force and tens of millions more Americans in poverty and on food stamps.”

“This is his economy, his economic plan and what do we have to show for it, Sally?” Sean asked.

“The Republican agenda is to say "no" to things,” Kohn responded. “You’re complaining people are on food stamps, we should be able to agree that in bad economic times, we should be helping people who need it.”

“We’ve gone from 30 million to 46 million people on food stamps,” Sean fired back. “I judge compassion by getting people off food stamps.

Listen to Sean and Terry Jeffrey debate Sally Kohn: