***Audio Below The Fold***

Betsy Rosenberg, a self described "green speaker" and "green marketing consultant", has a message: we're all gunna die from climate change.

The hysterical environmentalist joined the Sean Hannity Show along with Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, for what turned out to be an interesting and entertaining debate.

"Do you think we're all gonna die?" Sean asked Rosenberg.

"Yeah, of course we're all gonna die," Rosenberg responded, "it's just a matter of when."

"Do you think we're all gonna die from climate change?" Sean pressed.

"People are already dying from climate change," claimed Rosenberg. "Thousands, tens of thousands."

"Maybe hundreds of thousands?" Sean asked.

"Maybe," answered Rosenberg.

Sean decided to give the last word to Chris Horner, who hit back at Rosenberg's claims with some cold reality about the climate policy that has resulted from climate change hysteria.

"I can tell you that there's been a spike in deaths from climate policies according to the left-wing papers in the UK," Horner said. "It spiked up to 31,000 last year, half of them seniors freezing in their own flats, essentially hypothermia. They're burning books to stay warm because of these policies. It's expected to be 40,000 excess winter deaths this year. It's coinciding with these policies taking root."

"If you accepted all of the hysteria you just heard, nothing they're proposing to do to ration energy would detectably change it," Horner continued. "If you believe it you probably want to leave a wealthier world not a poorer world to deal with something we've always faced."

Listen to the debate from The Sean Hannity Show: