If we learned anything from Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, it’s that the candidates have no issues with spending money America doesn’t have.

“The race last night was to see who’s going to give away the most free stuff,” Sean noted on Wednesday’s radio show. “The only problem is nothing is ever free.”

So just how "not free" are Democratic proposals? 

By far the biggest spender last night was Bernie Sander. The Vermont Senator’s proposals, according to the Wall Street Journal, would cost the American taxpayer upwards of $18 Trillion over 10 years

Here’s how Bernie’s agenda breaks down:

Medicare For All: $15 Trillion 

Increased Social Security Benefits: $1.2 Trillion

Infrastructure Spending: $1 Trillion

“College For Everyone” Proposal: $750 Billion

Paid family and Medical Leave Fund: $319 Billion

Private Pension Funds Proposal: $29 Billion

Youth Jobs Initiative: $5.5 Billion

Total Estimated Cost of the Sanders Agenda: $18 Trillion

Not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton has also proposed hundreds of billions in new spending. Her plan to make college more affordable, for example, will cost taxpayers an estimated $350 Billion dollars over the course of 10 years.

Of course, Democrats will promise that “the wealthy” will pay for their proposals. However, analysis shows that taxing the top 10% of households would not even close the existing budget gap.

Who’s going to cover the shortfall? Democrats didn't mention that.