The numbers speak for themselves. 

Since President Obama became president: 

  • 15 million more Americans on food stamps.
  • 15 million more Americans are in poverty. 
  • Median income has dropped about $5,000.
  • Real unemployment remains high and a record number of Americans are out of the labor force.
  • America will accumulate more debt than during all other presidencies combined.

Despite the evidence of failure, Austan Goolsbee, former economist for the Obama administration, continue to defend the policies that got us here. 

When Goolsbee joined the Sean Hannity Radio Show on Monday, he fell back on the old stand-by: blame George W. Bush.

“Seven years, it’s been his bat, his ball, and his ass, and his promises have failed the American people,” Sean responded. “With all of the empirical evidence that Americans are suffering thanks to your socialist, redistributionist mentality, you still can’t admit that redistribution, and spreading the wealth around, and record deficits, and more people in poverty and food stamps, you can’t admit that it’s failed.”

“Sean, you can’t admit that anything has improved in the last 6 years,” Goolsbee responded.

“Nothing has improved,” Sean fired back. “It’s gotten steadily worse and the numbers speak for themselves.”

“You’re looking at the other bank of the Grand Canyon, failing to mention we fell down the Grand Canyon and had to climb our way out of it,” Goolsbee said.

“You’re brainwashed. You’re in a hypnotic trance,” Sean said to the economist. “You don’t think for yourself. You’ve lost your mind”