Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told lawmakers during a closed-door briefing that James Comey had not requested more resources for the investigation into Russian meddling into the 2016 election, according to lawmakers present at the briefing. The news undercuts a May 10th New York Times report that the former FBI Director had requested the funds days before he was fired, a clear implication that his termination may have been prompted by the request.

As he left Friday's briefing, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told the press that Deputy AG Rosenstein had told members that “he has no evidence that Comey asked for additional resources,” according to The Hill.

A similar statement was made by New York Congressman Lee Zeldin.

“There was a lot of reporting … claiming, wrongfully, that Director Comey had requested additional resources from Mr. Rosenstein with regards to the Russia investigation,” Zeldin said. “Mr. Rosenstein said that’s not true.”

Last week, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe also said he was unaware of any requests for additional funding, telling the Senate Intelligence Committee that the FBI was "adequately resourced."

The New York Times has yet to issue a retraction.