Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich stopped by ‘Hannity’ on Friday night, slamming the liberal “frenzy” over the Trump administration’s alleged ties to Russia and calling for a new special counsel to investigate the current special counsel’s ongoing leaks.  

Sean and Newt discussed the current level of hate spewed from the left towards the President and other conservatives, adding the country was going through a series of crises not seen since the late 1960s.

“We went through the 60s and this period of horrible assassinations from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F Kennedy, Malcolm X, Kent State, and all these other cases. But in my lifetime, there has never been anything like this. They will not accept this President as duly elected, and I don’t think it stops at all. Your thoughts?” asked Hannity.

“I do think that at a minimum, this resembles the late 60s the early 70s, the anti-Vietnam war period, the counter-culture, the free speech movement, all those things that came together to create turmoil in that period,” said the former Speaker.

“I think this is different. I think the frenzy on the left is deeper and more rabid than it was. I think their strength in Hollywood, and the newsroom, and on campuses is bigger than it was,” added Gingrich.

The former Speaker then ripped special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation, saying the deputy attorney general may need to appoint another special counsel to investigation leaks coming from Mueller’s office.

“It may be that the deputy attorney general now has a new assignment, which is to create a special counsel to look in to leaks from the special counsel,” said Gingrich. “If you’re serious about stopping leaks […] he’s going to be forced to create a new special counsel to look in to the special counsel’s office.”

Watch Gingrich on ‘Hannity’ above.