Liberals are predictably wasting very little time trying to create a political firestorm over retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn stepping down as President Trump’s national security adviser.

Let's be clear: It was wrong that Flynn misled the president and vice president about his phone call with the Russian ambassador. Like the military man he is, he owned up to it. He did the right thing and stepped down. But there's something much bigger and darker going on here. The alt-radical left has a master plan to damage and destroy President Trump, and as collateral damage, anyone connected to him. This is about the left’s willingness to do anything to stop President Trump from draining the swamp and changing the status quo in Washington.

The Washington D.C. swamp is rising up. It is colluding and viciously fighting to take down the 45th president and his entire administration. It's that serious. 

Ever since Donald Trump ran for president, there's been this liberal witch hunt. They are salivating. There's a sense of urgency. Nobody connected to him is off limits. They want everybody.

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