North Korea’s ‘Day of the Sun’ military parade is meant to instill fear in the hearts of Kim Jong Un’s enemies; highlighting the regime’s newest missiles, soldiers, and tanks. This year, however, the event needed less weapons and more repairmen.

Newly released footage from a South Korean news station captured the moment a North Korean tank completely broke down in the middle of the parade, billowing smoke before being dragged to the side so the procession could continue.

Later, a noticeable gap is visible in the parade where the damaged tank was supposed to be placed; a rare mistake made by the North Korean government who's propaganda videos are nearly impeccable in promoting the regime.

The footage comes on the heels of a new BBC report that appeared to show ‘bent’ and damaged rockets as they passed by one of the network’s reporters. The images led many in the West to question if the elaborate military parade was filled with phony missiles and tanks.

Check out the photo from BBC News:

If the wonky rockets are real, it might help to explain North Korea’s utter failure to launch a new missile last week.

The rocket, intended to frighten the United States and South Korea, exploded moments after takeoff. A total embarrassment for Kim Jong Un.

This new footage certainly won’t help.

h/t Daily Mail