A recently released State Department email from 2009 shows then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent classified material to he daughter Chelsea Clinton.

The email, dated December 20, 2009 and entitled "Update", was released on Friday as part of a document dump of several thousand emails by the State Department. The email was amongst the 30,000+ emails Clinton deleted.

Here's the Email in question:

As shown above, the email is sent from "H", or Hillary Clinton, to Diane Reynolds, one of several email aliases used by Chelsea Clinton.

Included in the chain is the original message from Michael Froman, deputy assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs. The entire message has been redacted, as it contains foreign government information.

Chelsea, who was and is a private citizen, would not have had security clearance to view any classified material.

Exit questions: What information--which Hillary must have believed was relevant to Chelsea if it warranted forwarding to her--was included in the email? Why did Hillary then decide that this email needed to be deleted?

h/t The Daily Caller