Liberal politicians and celebrities were quick to share and condemn a recent video on social media purported to show a young child being ripped from his mother’s arms by Immigration Customs Enforcement, despite the fact the officers in the video had absolutely nothing to do I.C.E.

The video, titled “Young boy holds on to his mom while law enforcement tries to take her away for Immigration laws,” was posted on twitter over the weekend.

The video depicts a chaotic scene in New York City, as a young boy is seen grappling with local officers on the ground with a crowd of onlookers recording the situation.

A former NYPD officer was quick to note that the officials seen in the video have absolutely nothing to do with immigration enforcement, but were in fact members of the New York City Parks Department.

But that didn’t stop liberal politicians, celebrities, and reporters from commenting on the video; slamming President Trump for his “inhumane” immigration policies that rip apart families.

Comedian Sarah Silverman blasted the White House, asking the President and Vice President, "ARE YOU PROUD? Shame on y'all. Y'all make me sick."

The video has since been deleted. Will these tweets? 

h/t Twitchy