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Liberal Hollywood filmmaker Josh Fox said last week that the United States and its allies should fight Islamic terrorists with ‘love’ and not ‘bombs’.

Now, a crowd-funding campaign has been created to send the Hollywood leftist over to Afghanistan to fight ISIS with 'hugs' and 'roses', reports Fox News.

Fox, the writer-director behind the anti-fracking movie ‘Gasland’ and a soon-to-be released documentary about the Standing Rock pipeline protesters, expressed his outrage on social media over President Trump’s decision to use the ‘mother of all bombs’ against an underground ISIS complex.

Only 'love stops hate' claimed the leftist documentarian.

The internet quickly fired back, challenging Fox to stand behind his words and fight ISIS with 'roses' instead of weapons.

A crowd-funding campaign titled, "Send Josh Fox to Hug Isis," has raised thousands of dollars with over 83 people contributing in just one day.

"For the last several years we've been keeping tabs on Josh Fox, the godfather of the anti-fracking movement and the director of Gasland I and II. And he just came out with an extraordinary claim that giving love to the Islamic State instead of sending bombs is a much better approach. So we're going to give him a chance to do just that. Today we're launching a $2,500 fundraiser to send Josh Fox to 'hug it out' with ISIS," said the sites creators.

The goal, which has already been reached, will pay for airfare to Afghanistan, two nights worth of accommodations, and a dozen roses to hand out to the Islamic state.

You can send your donations here.