Sean Hannity had a chance to interview two college students at the Conservative Millennial Town Hall, in Las Vegas Tuesday night, who’ve experienced violence at political events in support of Trump. Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump also sat with the women.

The women, both from California, told Hannity they have felt discriminated against because of their conservative beliefs.

UCLA student and Turning Point USA Chapter Leader Haley Nieves described how anti-Trump protesters crashed one of their rallies. “They were stomping on the American flag during the event and even attempting to burn it afterward,” said Nieves.

“You face crazy leftist mobs that are not tolerant of your views whatsoever, and it turns into a lot of bad debates. Sometimes violent, sometimes hitting and fights. I’ve been all around it,” said African American student and avid Trump supporter Dominique Blair.

Going to different events with conservative speakers can be very harmful and dangerous,” Blair continued.

“I am treated very poorly on my campus and other campuses. It’s very hard to be a conservative activist in Los Angeles,” she said.

Blair a native of Compton, Los Angeles and the youngest of 7 children, said her conservative beliefs were instilled by her mom, Iranian step-father and her older siblings, who taught her to take care of herself by example.

Nieves told the Hannity and the Trump brothers that being a Trump supporter had its positive side too. “Every single week Bruin Republicans at UCLA and fellow Turning Point USA activists walk the central pathway through campus and engage with students face to face discussing issues, about limited government, fiscal responsibility, and traditional values. And I have converted individuals across the political spectrum, including Bernie supporters to our side,” she explained.

Meanwhile Trump, revving up the crowds in Kinston, North Carolina Thursday night, also had some words for anti-Trump protesters. The Republican candidate took a swipe at the latest revelations from Wikileaks about the Clinton camp and their coordinated efforts to go after Trump supporters.

“We found out that Clinton was paying people $1,500, plus an iphone, to go out and be violent at our rallies. It’s a disgrace,” said Trump. “But I’ll tell you what, they found out our people are very tough, “ he added.

The two Trump brothers said they were glad to come to the town hall and talk to the two young women. “They’re amazing,” said Eric Trump. “This makes me believe there is some hope. This is the hope that I get to see,” said Donald JR. Eric’s wife Lara also attended the event.