The special little snowflakes on college campuses are at it again. This time, they've got their sights set on the latest threat to civilization: chalk.

DePaul University officials are banning the practice of "chalking" after the school's College Republicans organized a chalking campaign on campus, during which offensive phrases such as "Make DePaul great again," "Blue Lives Matter," and "Trump Train 2016” were written on the campus' sidewalks.

Oh, the horror.

One student even claimed the messages made them feel "attacked". "It’s sad that even at a school as diverse and accepting as DePaul, I still feel attacked,” the student wrote on DePaul's Facebook page.

Campus Reform reports: 

DePaul University will no longer allow students to chalk political messages on the sidewalks of its campus because of the "offensive, hurtful, and divisive" nature of pro-Trump chalking found on campus last week.

"While these chalk messages are part of national agendas in a heated political battle, they appeared on campus at a time of significant racial tension in our country and on college campuses. DePaul is no exception," Depaul’s vice president for student affairs Eugene Zdziarski wrote in a campus-wide email obtained by Campus Reform…

DePaul's response to the chalk menace was a far cry from the response another university administration gave to its students after its recent chalking incident.

When "Trump 2016" was found scrawled not he ground at Emory University, University President James W. Wagner reaffirmed his school’s commitment to free speech by scrawling "EMORY STANDS FOR FREE EXPRESSION!" on the very same sidewalks where the offending Trump message was written.

There's still some hope folks.