One thousand American workers are celebrating the fact that their jobs at Carrier were prevented from being outsourced to Mexico due in large part to the intervention of President-elect Donald Trump. Today, a number of workers are speaking out to thank the President-elect for keeping the promise he made during the campaign.

Robin Maynard, an employee with Carrier who believes his job was saved by the Trump-Pence team, joined Wednesday's Hannity to personally thank Mr. Trump.

"What's your reaction to the deal?" Sean asked Maynard.

"Very excited," Maynard, who's been with Carrier for 24 years, responded. "Looking to finish my career with Carrier and proud to have a job to finish out that career."

Donald Trump and Mike Pence will be traveling to Indiana on Thursday as part of his 'thank you" tour for those who supported him during the campaign.

"What do you have to say to President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence?" Hannity followed up.

"I would like to personally thank them and shake their hands tomorrow and just say thank you for going to bat for the blue collar workers and the little guys down here."

Check out Sean's full interview with Mr. Maynard above.