Rep. Trey Gowdy weighed-in on the former FBI Director’s investigation in to Hillary Clinton’s email server this week, defending Comey’s decision to hold a July press conference and suggesting that the Clinton camp has deep "entanglements" within the Department of Justice.

Speaking with Fox News, Gowdy was asked his opinion on whether Comey made the right decision to hold a news conference last summer, following the infamous ‘tarmac meeting’ between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.

"I think when history knows the full fact pattern that led Director Comey to have that July news conference  […] I mean, what your viewers know is a meeting on the tarmac between the spouse of the target of an investigation and the attorney general. What your viewers don't know, Martha, and what Jim Comey frankly can't tell them because it's classified and I can't tell them because it's classified," said Gowdy. 

"There were a lot of other reasons that Jim Comey decided to take that decision upon himself," he added. "I think history is going to be much kinder to Jim Comey in that July press conference than the Democrats were when he had it [...]Jim Comey had access to additional information -that I am convinced- left him with no other choice than to make the decision he made in July."

"I only take away from that that you're suggesting that there were more entanglements between the Clintons and perhaps the Justice Department than everyone understands," said Fox News host Martha MacCallum.

"You're very perceptive," Gowdy confirmed.

h/t Washington Free Beacon