More and more democrats are acknowledging their growing love affair with socialism. Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz asked liberal protesters their opinions of the leftist ideology, and the responses might surprise you.

“What’s wrong with socialism?” Horowitz asked. “Nothing,” many answered.

“Capitalist countries have always been messing with its ideology and trying to delegitimize it,” said one man.

The filmmaker then travels to Venezuela, an oil-rich country that has been ravaged by socialist policy and ideology. There he interviews a man who resorts to hunting wild dogs and cats for food, parents who can’t find sugar and other basic goods, and a host of others desperate for change.

When asked what they think of Americans who want to import socialism in to the United States, the people laid out the facts.

“No, it doesn’t work here. It’s all a lie they tell us. The government doesn’t do anything about it. They are just there to take advantage,” says one Venezuelan. “I would tell them to try living here, the way we are living now. To feel what we are feeling, we invite you to come and find out for yourself.”

Back in the U.S., liberal denial over where socialism eventually leads was on full display.

Speaking of the Venezuelan people, one activist blindly claims, “They are one of the most productive, their people are the happiest, they have the least amount of crime, violence… there’s nothing wrong with it in my eyes.”

Perhaps she should travel to Venezuela and see the effects of socialism for herself. 

Watch the documentary short above.