A pair of pro-Trump protesters stormed the stage at a highly-publicized New York City production of ‘Julius Casesar’ over the weekend, telling audience members that “Liberal Hate Kills” before being escorted from the theater by security.

The protesters emerged from the audience before the brutal stabbing death of ‘Julius Caesar’ in the final act, running around the stage until theater security stepped in.

“Liberal hate kills, liberal hate kills, Goebbels would be proud, Goebbels would be proud!” the man can be heard shouting from the stage.

A short time later another protester took the stage, again saying “Goebbels would be proud,” adding that “CNN is ISIS.”

Shakespeare in the Park’s “updated” version of the classic play features the brutal stabbing death of an American president closely resembling Donald Trump. Despite negative press coverage and the loss of several sponsors –such as Delta Airlines- the production continued following the attempted mass assassination of republican lawmakers at a baseball field in Northern Virginia.

h/t The Gateway Pundit