BuzzFeed continues to take flack for its irresponsible publishing of a salacious "dossier" on President-elect Donald Trump. The 35-page document contains a number of scurrilous accusations, none of which have been substantiated, a fact which has been acknowledged by BuzzFeed itself.

Prior to Donald Trump's press conference, Trump communications director Sean Spicer admonished BuzzFeed for its actions, calling its publishing of the report "outrageous" and "completely irresponsible."

"According to BuzzFeed's own editor, there are serious reasons to doubt the allegations in the report," Spicer to the press. "The executive editor of the New York Times also dismissed the report, saying it was quote 'totally unsubstantiated' echoing the concerns of many other reporters expressed on the internet."

"The fact that BuzzFeed and CNN made the decision to run with this unsubstantiated claim is a sad and pathetic attempt to get clicks," Spicer added. "The report is not an intelligence report, plain and simple."

Watch Trump Spokesman Sean Spicer EVISCERATE Buzzfeed and CNN for releasing the anti-Trump memo above.