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Republican Momentum

Republican David Jolly won a special House election last night in Florida, delivering a stinging defeat to the Democrats. We also have new polling showing that the president's approval rating continues to slide. Is the GOP gaining crucial momentum before November's mid-term elections?

The polls ain't pretty

I've told you recently how Barack Obama is enjoying some of his lowest approval ratings of his presidency.

Election Day 2013

The elections yesterday served as sort of a litmus test of what we could expect in upcoming elections in 2014 and 2016. The two biggest elections on the national stage were the governors races in Virginia and New Jersey. In their own ways they are supposed to represent something grand about the Republican party and conservatism. You can decide whether or not that should be the case, but here's my read on things.

Is A Third Party What We Need?

I want to lay out the truth about where this country is headed, what I think about it and what it means for you and your family. There's a whole new dynamic playing out – with this back-and-forth between the Tea Party and the establishment – that if you are conservative, you ought to be very concerned about.

The Anointed One: Hillary?

There have been quite a few Republicans who have started to lay the groundwork for a 2016 presidential bid. If you are paying attention, it’s pretty easy to see who is visiting states like Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Shut it down?

You know something has gone terribly wrong with this president's second term when he actually turns to the economy as a way to reboot his image.

Delay Of ObamaCare Provision An Admission Of Defeat?

The Obama administration announced yesterday that it will give a one-year extension to medium and large businesses to meet the requirements of a major ObamaCare provision requiring them to provide affordable healthcare to their employees.

The Leadership Vacuum

As we've talked about the 100 day mark of Obama's second term, there seems to be a growing theme among those discussions: Obama is a failed leader who has lost his mojo. When asked during a press conference the other day whether he had “lost of his juice,” Obama responded, “Golly, maybe I should just pack up and go home.” Mr. President, I'll help you!

Rubio and Rand Party?

The mainstream media is finally catching on to something that I've said for a while: The Republican Party has some new, rising stars whom I see as being the future of the Party. Among those are Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

RNC Report: Growth and Opportunity Party

The Republican National Committee today revealed an extensive report on the perception that Americans have of the Republican Party. It also includes strategies on how fix these misconceptions. The report has been three months in the making, with people at the RNC working to compile information based on focus group data, surveys, conference calls and meetings.

Hannity: Time for Republicans to chart a new strategy

Tonight I want to close the show with some final thoughts. Now, the Republican Party, they have very serious work to do in 2013 and beyond. My advice is that Republicans approach the New Year and consider how to regain momentum. They need to lift their eyes from day-to-day tactics. It's time now to think strategically.

Sean Hannity's message to the GOP

The presidential election was not the only race lost by Republicans on Tuesday. There were also a number of disappointing outcomes in Senate contests as well. In particular, opportunities were missed by conservatives in both Missouri and Indiana, two states that Mitt Romney easily carried.

Sean: Perspective is important

“I know because I spoke to a lot of people who are upset,” began Hannity, “The numbers show that we’re a divided nation, almost split right down the middle, but it takes grit, determination and resolve to look inward to see what you can do differently or better.”

Despite Promises of Transparency, Obama Administration Suppresses Report That Would Detail Rise in Welfare Dependence

Washington, DC - A day after his inauguration, President Obama promised his Administration would be defined by its openness and transparency, proudly declaring, "I will also hold myself, as president, to a new standard of openness….Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency." Sadly, the Obama Administration has failed to live up to the President’s lofty rhetoric, and its record on transparency is littered with broken promises.