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Outrageous! War on Coal

While the rest of America is still worried about finding a job, paying for their kids to go to college, making ends meet to pay all the bills every month, Barack Obama is worried about … climate change. Not only is he worried about climate change, but he is so insistent on passing his climate agenda that the effect on your pocketbook apparently means nothing.

Chasing Rabbits: Climate Change

I hope the Republicans in Washington are paying attention. Barack Obama is about to throw them a curveball, and they need not fumble it but rather stay focused on the issues that truly matter.

Today's Distraction Topic: Climate Change

For a while now, the Democrats have thrown topic after topic into the news cycle, hoping that it will cause conservatives to divide their attention, allowing for one to finally slip through with scattered opposition.

White House Green Scam?

This is a rush transcript from "Hannity," September 16, 2011. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: There is new evidence that the Obama White House ignored multiple warnings about the financial viability of Solyndra. Now the evidence comes in the form of e-mails handed over to Congressional investigators, and the documents clearly show, White House officials dismissing a report in July of 2010, criticizing Solyndra's finances.

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Category 3 Irene Prompts Evacuations in North Carolina

Evacuations began Wednesday on a tiny barrier island off North Carolina as Hurricane Irene, now a powerful Category 3 storm, barrels toward the East Coast, packing winds of 115 miles per hour and potentially wreaking havoc on areas stretching from the Mid-Atlantic region to New England.

Nuclear Overreactions

As the Wisconsin debate exposed the unholy alliance between unions and the Democratic Party, Sean felt that we’re also beginning to see the unholy relationship between environmental groups and Democrats.

Are Fears of a Catastrophic Nuclear Meltdown in Japan Warranted?

Joining me now with the very latest on the developing situation are Jay Lehr from The Heartland Institute, Ira Helfand, a nuclear expert, member of the board of Physicians for Social Responsibility, and nuclear safety consultant Margaret Harding.

Obama's Energy Dependence!

Sean played a clip of a congressional hearing where Dan Burton (R-IN), grills Hilary Clinton on the concept of energy independence, saying we are continuing and increasingly dependent on foreign energy, impeding the United States’ ability to become energy independent.

Troopers sent to absent senators' homes

State troopers were dispatched early this morning to the homes of all 14 Democratic state senators, who fled the Capitol a week ago to stall debate on a bill to restrict public worker bargaining rights.

A Miracle In Massachusetts

The election of the Republican Junior Senator from Massachusetts shocked the nation and is credited with starting the tea party title-wave. The GOP Senator was elected in a 2010 special election to serve the remainder of arguably the most Liberal Senator Ted Kennedy’s term when he died after a long struggle with a brain tumor.

Remembering the Lives of the Tucson, Arizona Shooting Victims

The shooting in Tucson, Arizona left 20 people injured and six others dead. The six who died had families. They touched other lives everyday. They will be mourned by their friends and families, and by their country. Please take a moment to remember those who died.