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Family Values

National School Choice Week

While the dominating headlines have been about Barack Obama's State of the Union address, I would be remiss if this week should pass without acknowledging the fact that it is National School Choice Week.

Notes of encouragement to fired Affordable Healthcare employee

In October, Earline Davis, a call center operator for the newly launched received a call that would change the course of her year. It was popular radio host Sean Hannity seeking answers to questions focused on the Affordable Care Act.

The Pope Resigns

The major headline news story of the day is the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on February 28th. This isn't something we would ever expect to see in our lifetimes, considering the last time this happened was almost 600 years ago.

Obama's 12 front war on America

The number one radio commentator isn’t the only Limbaugh with some bold and hard hitting opinions on our current president.

One child per family is OK with VP Biden

While speaking in front of a Chinese audience at Sichuan University Vice President Joseph Biden expressed an understanding of China’s One Child Policy. That’s right people the pro-choice Vice President of The United States Joe Biden said that he “fully” understood the controversial one-child population control measure currently being forced upon the Chinese people.

Obama's Controversial Pastor...No, not Wright or Pfleger!

Where did the President spend his Easter? Before the star studded event on the White House lawn he attended the Shiloh Baptist Church. The Church’s Pastor, Dr. Wallace Charles Smith has a reputation of preaching about race.

Iowa University Professor to GOP Students “F- OFF”

This week the College Republicans at the University of Iowa decided to host a “Conservative Coming Out Week”. The event was meant to drive membership and encouraged students to "come out of the closet" and wear red.

Boston Tea Party of 2011

Since the election of Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) all eyes have been on Massachusetts. An historically Democratic state and home to the most liberal politicians of the Kennedy family.


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