Get America Back to Work

As a best-selling author, TV and national radio host, Sean has long been an advocate of the people. With today’s troubling statistics of millions of Americans on government assistance and out of work, he felt he needed to do something. Now he has, with the Get America Back to Work campaign.

Sean has been talking about America’s need for energy independence, and how that would bring about the following additional benefits:

  • Jobs
  • Opportunity
  • Prosperity

The Hannity Show is teaming up with companies, in oil and natural gas rich states, to help promote and inform those in need of work of the openings available to them if they are ready, able and willing to work.

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These companies will be featured on, where people can find out more information about them, and what they have to offer. We will also feature representatives from participating companies to join us on the show.

Listen above to callers who have already made the move to states like North Dakota and Texas and have found gainful employment. They have contacted the show to discuss how taking Sean’s advice and seeking opportunity in the energy industry changed their lives.

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The Sean Hannity Show has been approached by many companies with job openings that may not be directly related to the energy industry, but would like to participate in our "Get America Back to Work" efforts. Those companies are listed below: