Donald Trump Jr. has had enough of the vile attacks against the President and his family, calling-out a liberal children’s author after he viciously attacked Barron Trump on twitter.

Ken Jennings -a best-selling author of children’s books and former ‘Jeopardy’ champion- lashed out at the President’s youngest son on twitter following reports the child was deeply upset over the gruesome images of the President’s phony, severed head.

The author viciously attacked the eleven-year old, saying his father looked like a “heap of expired deli meat in a dumpster.”

Barron’s older brother came to his rescue on Thursday, calling-out Jennings for his tweet and notifying his publisher that an author for children was shamelessly “bullying a kid.”

Kathy Griffin’s gory photoshoot was widely condemned by both republicans and democrats, and resulted in the liberal comedian losing her yearly gig as the cohost of CNN’s New Year’s Eve special.

Griffin eventually apologized for the images, saying “I am sorry. I went too far.”