The Destroy-Trump media is in a full-on frenzy this week, following the announcement that Robert Mueller will oversee possible political collusion between the Trump administration and… the Russian Orthodox Church?

Time magazine’s newest edition features a cover depicting the White House being absorbed by Russia’s Kremlin; implying the Trump administration is being covertly taken-over by Putin and his allies.

One problem: that isn’t the Kremlin.

It’s St. Basil’s Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox Church built in 1555 to commemorate a major military achievement by Ivan IV:

Members of the pro-Kremlin youth group N
The Kremlin

So much for fact-checking.

Even though there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest the Trump administration worked with the Russian government to tamper with the 2016 US elections, democrats and the alt-left media continue to accuse the White House of colluding with the Kremlin.

Earlier Thursday, President Trump referred to the ongoing Russian investigation as “the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!”

The media’s “Witch-Hunt” will surely continue; hopefully next time they can get their landmarks right.