Rev. Al Sharpton Leads Rally Before Academy Awards Ceremony

An in depth profile on civil rights activist Al Sharpton contained a concerning prediction for America once Obama leaves office – the streets will be filled with even more tension and unrest.

According to Vanity Fair, Sharpton’s “great fear” is that “everything it took so much sweat and blood and sacrifice to achieve will be taken away”, most notably the loss of the White House.

“I worry that the despair and emotions on the ground escalate. ‘Cause not only do we feel we’re not getting justice, we’re not feeling we’re being assuaged by someone that we feel is at least sensitive to those needs. And I don’t know that America is ready or has adequately prepared to deal with that,” Sharpton said. 

Sharpton also weighed in on the 2016 election and didn’t mince words about Republican front runner Donald Trump.

“When I look at the fervor that Donald Trump has been able to cause—it started with the birther thing, then Mexicans, then the misogynist stuff, and he’s been able to leverage that with no policies, no background, and be the front runner?” Sharpton said.

The profile notes that the two have had a long and contentious history. 

As for the Democrats? He says he likes Bernie Sanders despite his inability to capture the black vote. And he likes that Hillary Clinton has moved further to the left, noting that she pushed for the Democratic debate to move to Flint, Michigan.