Apparently black people don’t have access to the internet or know where to find the DMV, according to liberals on UC Berkeley’s college campus who think laws that require ID to vote are racist.

But who are the real racists in this scenario?

Ami Horowitz went to the ultra-liberal college campus UC Berkeley to conduct a number of "man-on-the-street" style interviews where he asks liberals about their views on this issue. The result is a video that perfectly sums up just how incredibly absurd—and racist— the left’s position on voter ID laws is.

“[Black people] don’t have knowledge of, like, how [the internet] works,” said a young woman at Berkeley to Horowitz. “They don’t really know what is out there because they’re not aware. Or like, they’re not informed” she continued.

“These type of people,” another person said, referring to blacks, “don’t live in areas with easy access to DMVs or other places where they can get identification.” (Perhaps he’s never been to New York, Chicago, or DC).

One man says blacks were just too poor to have internet, explaining, “You have to be able to pay an internet service provider for certain fees.” Another woman said “a lot of people have smart phones, but they may not have data.”

So Horowitz went to East Harlem to ask black people their thoughts on that….

“I’ve had access to the internet for years,” a black woman told Ami dismissively.

In fact, every black person Horowitz spoke with—at least in the video—owned an ID and couldn’t figure out why anyone would assume they didn’t.

“Why would they think we don’t have ID?” one woman asked earnestly.

The liberals at Berkeley would be shocked to learn that most even knew where the DMV was, and knew how to get there.

They all described the liberals who believed these things as one thing: Ignorant.

“It’s a little racist” one woman even said, “because you’re putting people into a category and have no idea what you’re talking about.”