Left-wing agitators have once again shown their willingness to resort to physical violence when it comes to confronting those with whom they disagree politically. The latest incident took place on Saturday in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, when a supporter of Hillary Clinton confronted a group of Trump supporters and attempted to burn an American flag they were carrying.

CBS Pittsburg reports:

According to a criminal complaint, police were told Joshua Sturman was in the area to support Hillary Clinton, who spoke at a rally at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center later that afternoon. A group of Trump supporters had gathered on the opposing sidewalk in what police say was a peaceful assembly.

Sturman crossed the street and walked into the middle of the group of Trump supporters. The criminal complaint says the members of the group were standing close to one another, shoulder-to-shoulder. The complaint says Sturman then pulled out a flag and began to light it on fire.

The Trump supporters attempted to put out the fire, which “enraged” Sturman. Sturman then threw a Trump supporter to the ground and attempted to jump on top of him.

Check out the incident: