It has been over one month since advocates for the families of victims killed by illegal immigrants issued an open letter to the Republican presidential candidates. The letter seeks their support for a new program which would provide aid to the families suffering from the loss of their loved ones.

So far, only one candidate has responded.

Maria Espinoza, co-founder and director of the advocacy group, The Remembrance Project, tells that Donald Trump is the only candidate whose office has responded to their open letter and that the candidate will support a national program to assist families of victims of illegal aliens. Espinoza says, “Their response was immediate and they have stated they will support our efforts in assisting our families.”

According to Espinoza, Senator Ted Cruz’s office acknowledged receiving their letter and passed it on internally within the campaign, but The Remembrance Project has received no further response.

The group also sent the letter to the Kasich and Rubio campaigns.

The open letter - dated March 14, 2016 - asks the candidates to support a program that would provide assistance for funeral, medical and legal costs for the families. The group asks that the candidate’s future administration would, “assist state and local governments in coordinating with appropriate social and legal agencies to provide needed assistance.”

All of that assistance would come at no expense to taxpayers. Instead the program would be funded by a remittance fee on money transfers going outside the United States.

The Remembrance Project is seeking the following to be implemented in every state:

  • "Immediate release of program funds to cover burial expenses, hospital and doctors’ expenses, grief and family counseling, financial support due to lost wages, childcare assistance, and other related services."
  • "Criminal and civil justice support, including victims’ rights education, court accompaniment, legal procedure and relevant case information etc."
  • "Legal representation to obtain restitution from the killer, corporations and companies deemed legally liable for the illegal alien’s presence and/or employment."

Laura Wilkerson, whose 18-year-old son Joshua Wilkerson was tortured to death by an illegal immigrant in 2010, supports the efforts of the Remembrance Project and recently endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Wilkerson recently testified before the House Judiciary Committee’s Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee where she recounted her son’s gruesome murder, saying:

At trial, the killer testified on his behalf and gave exact testimony on how he systematically killed Josh. First a punch in the face, so his vision was off. Next a knee to Josh’s abdomen so that he would go to the ground. Josh went to the ground as his spleen was sliced in half. This killer was aggravated that it was not over, he grew tired of watching bloody bubbles coming from Josh’s nose as he was trying to breathe. Next he took a closet rod and beat Josh over the head again and again until the rod broke in 4 pieces. Joshua still breathing. Next he strangled him, let him go to see if it was over, nope, so he continued until there were no more bubbles. He waited and watched him die. He tied Josh’s body up, stuffed him in the backseat of our truck, bought gas, dumped Josh in a field and set his body on fire. The killer went home took a shower and went to see a movie.

Video of Ms. Wilkerson's testimony

Wilkerson believes every candidate should support the Remembrance Project’s letter, and tells, “In every large city there are places [that] help illegals navigate and work the system of obtaining government benefits. These are funded by the American taxpayer. Where is the help for the actual victims of illegal alien crime?”

Ever since the murder of Kate Steinle last summer by an illegal immigrant (who had previously been deported five times), the topic of illegal immigration and crime has remained one of the top issues in the 2016 presidential race. And for good reason: In 2015 alone, ICE released 19,723 criminal aliens who had a total of 64,197 convictions among them, according to Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies. Of those convictions, 8,234 were violent convictions and 208 were homicide convictions.

The Remembrance Project currently represents over 80 families who have been affected and lost loved ones at the hands of illegal immigrants.

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