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Health Care

ObamaCare Trickery

To Democrats and the Obama administration, ObamaCare's troubles are not the law itself or the incompetent rollout. The problem is the sales pitch. This is why they will go to great lengths to shape the narrative and spin it to their favor.

ObamaCare tips the scales

ObamaCare is officially the greatest domestic policy disaster this country has probably ever witnessed. Its failures go far beyond a website. This is an epic fail that will be studied in history books for years to come.

ObamaCare in the Supreme Court

Today the Supreme Court heard two highly anticipated cases including Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby. The sticking point is whether or not the government can force a business like Hobby Lobby to offer emergency contraception under its health plan, which goes against the religious beliefs of the company owners.

No love for ObamaCare

At the time ObamaCare passed, among its strongest supporters were labor unions. One has to wonder if they were looking at the same law, because many of us predicted the current failures of ObamaCare we are witness, which now has these very unions all upset.

Another ObamaCare delay

The Obama administration is supposedly going to announce yet another unilateral delay of ObamaCare.

ObamaCare remains a disaster

Despite what Obama, Democrats and much of the liberal media would like you to believe, ObamaCare remains a disaster. Its impacts continue to hurt Americans, businesses and ultimately our economy.

Before O-Care debacle, Sebelius made many trips to WH

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, The Hill obtained documents which revealed that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was a frequent visitor to the White House in the time leading up the disastrous roll-out of ObamaCare.

Can you believe it? Another ObamaCare delay!

The Obama administration has yet again delayed the implementation of a portion of ObamaCare. This unilateral executive action has become an unprecedented pattern of lawlessness that threatens the integrity of our Constitution.

Another extension? ObamaCare for prisoners?

Considering this president's predilection for unilateral action and his desperate desire to salvage his greatest achievement, it should come as no surprise that the administration is considering another extension for individual insurance policy holders.

ObamaCare Ponzi Scheme

Liberals have had a hard time understanding why conservatives are so upset about ObamaCare. This CBO report has helped to clarify our outrage.

Another broken promise

One thing can be said for ObamaCare: its original promises aren't living up to reality. Yesterday's CBO report only added to the list of broken promises.

ObamaCare website problems persist

Despite what Obama and his administration will tell you, problems continue to exist for the ObamaCare exchange website,

Obama's pre-Super Bowl interview

Before kickoff yesterday, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly sat down with President Obama in a ten minute interview. When challenged on issues such as Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservatives, and ObamaCare, Obama seemed defensive, going so far as to blame Fox News.

ObamaCare: Navigators and Wealth Transfer

The bad news about ObamaCare continues to pour in. While Obama tried to make light of the situation during his State of the Union address, there are millions of Americans who have lost their coverage or have been impacted negatively in some why by his healthcare law.

Tonight's State of the Union

Tonight I will be attending Barack Obama's fifth State of the Union address as a guest of Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert. Can we expect Obama to say anything different or offer meaningful solutions for our nation?